Why People Choose Custom Patches in Mending Garments

There are so many reasons why custom patches are the current trend in the clothing industry. One of them is the stylish feature it adds on outfits. People want to stand out from the crowd, especially those who are in the fashion business. By using well-designed patches, you can enhance your overall look without spending extra dollars from your pocket. All you need to do is find a reliable manufacturer of premium patches to match your current requirements.

Our custom patches provide premium look of embroidery you can use in all your patchwork needs. With affordable rates, you don’t need to exceed from your budget when buying patches online. Also, you benefit from the ultimate flexibility of our products while enjoying custom designs to suit your expectations. You can even submit the design or artwork if you have personalized requirements to meet. Our professional designers and manufacturers will complete your order in a timely fashion.

Custom Designs to Suit Unique Needs

But if you don’t have any idea how your patch should look like, leave us all the worries. Our experienced patch makers are available to create the ideal style you need to build your unique branding. Whatever you choose, we are here to deliver what we have promised. For rush orders, we encourage our customers to place their orders online earlier so we can take enough time in producing all the patches. Remember, custom patches take more time to manufacture since we still need to finalize the design.



By ordering patches from us, you can choose from the various shapes, colors, and sizes that we currently offer on the site. You may also request for the specific backing material for your patches. Below are some of the types of backing we offer our customers for personalized patches:

  • Heat transfer backing is the most frequently used type since it allows for easy application. Heat secures the patch onto garments like jackets, shirts, and even hats.
  • Loop and hook backing is ideal for frequent replacements of patches.
  • Double-sided tape backing provides a degree of flexibility similar to that of the loop and hook, but it has strong adhesives.

When you choose our services, you will enjoy free design and artwork along with unlimited opportunities for revision. We also offer free shipping via UPS Air. Our customers also take advantage of our quality workmanship and long lasting backings. With up to 7-thread colors, you don’t need to pay additional charges. Just check out our website if you are interested to know more about our patches and the exact services we offer online.

Additional Insights to Learn From

It’s also important to review the design and approve it once you’re satisfied before the production. We can send you the actual design and price via email after finalizing everything. You can only place orders once the custom design is agreed upon. Just fill out the order form found on our site and complete the ordering process. After that, you can sit back and relax while waiting for your package. Usually, we deliver orders within 14 days after purchase. But depending on your location, you can get your patches in less than a week.

Iron on Patches


Decorating garments can enhance their looks. However, it takes skill and talent to add a unique appeal to clothes. But we can give you quick tips to overhaul your outfits in no time. Our custom patches are here to support your patching needs. You can ask for special designs if you want to but please make sure that it matches your fabric. The patterns may include beads and other related accessories in order to achieve more stylish results.

Why Choose a Reputable Patch Maker in the Industry

Some would stitch their own patches to provide a more unique look. The more creative you are, the better patches you can make. There are actually endless ways to create and apply patches. It’s up to you how you use your talent in making better looking designs. If you want, you can research for some ideas to help you make the best pattern for your jacket or tee shirts. Thing is, we should always know what we exactly need before we make decisions.

When you need to buy patches online, be sure to compare quotes. This way, you can get better deals when it comes to freebies and value added features. With us, we guarantee premium patches with custom designs to perfectly suit your expectations. Don’t forget to dial our phone number if you have any questions.

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